Light Mind Body is run by Chiropractor Julie Margiotta who has been running clinics across Bucks for 20 years

After qualifying from the McTimoney College of Chiropractic almost 20 years ago, Julie soon realised that health is driven by many factors and so takes a holistic approach to her treatments, constantly adding new skills and qualifications to her toolkit.

Julie has not to date advertised her Chiropractic services – her patients are happy to refer their friends and relatives.  Most of Julie’s new patients walk in and say “I’ve been to see everyone else”. “OK, sit down and tell me about it”

The Verju treatment is the latest addition to her holistic treatment approach.  She uses, as appropriate, Functional Neurology; Functional Neurology with Orthopaedic Rehab; Sacro Occipital Technique; Applied Kinesiology; Frequency Specific Microcurrent; Dry Needling; Activator; Autonomic Response Testing; and from now on, Non Thermal Low Level Lasers(Class 11) incorporating Verju weight loss management.

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