The Verju is a non-thermal, low-level laser which uses green light at 532nm (i.e. light in the visible spectrum).

The absorption of this light through the skin triggers a reaction which causes a micropore to open in the adipocytes (fat cells). Once activated, the pores are open for 70 hours. The release of fatty lipids through the pores causes the adipocytes cells to shrink, resulting in a reduction of circumference, fat and cellulite.

What happens to the cell contents?

Fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins are reabsorbed and used by the body as needed. Toxins are removed and dealt with by the lymphatic system.

During the 70-hour window, toxins are carried away by the lymphatic system, so it is very important to stay hydrated and to keep exercising. It is also very important to reduce your carbohydrate intake and eat and drink well (fresh organic food and water) to reduce the toxin load on your body during this period.

Verju body contour works best with hydration, exercise and diet. Non-compliance will not enable the system to achieve best results. Dropping a clothes size or two is expected if the treatment plan is closely followed.

What to expect

  • At your first consultation we will take a medical history to ensure that treatment is safe for you.
  • Weight and height will be measured, and BMI established.
  • We will discuss any troublesome areas to be focussed on and take measurements at the relevant sites.
  • Although the lasers are safe, protective glasses are worn throughout the 40-minute treatment.
  • Your BMI range will determine the number of treatments needed and success will be determined by diet and exercise compliance. An average number of between six and ten treatments is usual.
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